Momentum 18 is a Microsoft® registered type foundry. We are passionate about custom font design and we look forward to sharing our expertise and enthusiasm. Whether you need a variant of an existing typeface, need to commission an original custom font design or have a logo project – we create competitively priced typography solutions. Momentum 18 offers different licensing options. Since Momentum 18 Branding is also a design firm with clients across the U.S. and in Europe, we do not create type design in a bubble – we are solidly plugged into the world of branding, design, advertising, and pop culture. Tested and proven for over a decade.

Type Design

  • Full bespoke custom font design for print and web.
  • Corporate identity and branding (logos).
  • Custom type design for magazines, mastheads, ad campaigns, presentations, posters, etc.
  • Movie credits.
  • Video games.

Custom Typefaces

Typography designer Matt Chansky specializes in high-end custom font design–expressing a brand through typography distinction.

  • Luxury Sans Serif
  • Los Angeles Font
  • Chelsey Almost Free Font
  • Helvetica


Recent logotype samples.

A logotype incorporates a company or brand name into a uniquely styled type font treatment.

  • Logotype Sample
  • Logotype Sample
  • Logotype Sample
  • Logotype Sample


Please contact designer Matt Chansky directly to elaborate on your typography needs.

Custom Typography