• BASKiT eCommerce Font

BASKiT Sans Serif

Meet BASKiT, the commerce branding font. A font of its time to help you connect with your future aspirations. Perfect for web and offline tactics. BASKiT, with its heigh x-height and economical character widths, make it ideal for screens (websites, apps, PDFs). It's modern glyphs also make it great for offline tactics and omnichannel marketing. The modern look and feel adds a memorable fresh face to help with brand retention. Don’t settle for bland when you can up-level your branding with BASKiT. Check out BASKiT today.

  • Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold
  • Special characters like the estimated glyph for package design, hipster arrows, and some UX characters
  • Multilingual
  • BASKiT Light font
  • BASKiT Regular font
  • BASKiT Medium font
  • BASKiT Bold font
  • BASKiT light sans serif
  • BASKiT regular sans serif
  • BASKiT medium sans serif
  • BASKiT bold sans serif
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