Momentum 18 is located in the NYC metro area and has been knocking about since the early 2000's. The company closed down for two years as COVID quieted things muchly. But we are re-opening in 2022 with vigor and passion.

As we head into 2022, we think back on the nearly 20 years of helping big businesses that you know and small businesses that you don't. Momentum 18 has become much like the famed Pentagram design consultancy, except not nearly as well-known and not quite as good. Ha ha. But seriously, Momentum 18 is quite capable of brand leadership and bespoke font design, and not everything has to be on a black background.


  • Functioning as a boutique design consultancy to build core phases of your brand ecosystem: bespoke and retail font design, logo design, and corporate identity.
  • Experienced, trusted and proven brand strategy to transform organizations, reinvigorate brands and grow businesses in many different sectors.
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