• Monni Designer Font

Monni Sans Serif

Meet Monni, a clean and balanced sans-serif typeface family—fresh-faced and cosmopolitan with a high x-height. Monni has finely crafted angles, complemented by confident squared punctuation. This sans-serif has a universal appeal, accentuated by select modern angles. Perfect for campaign work with its memorable lines, clear consistency, and optimization for screens. Noteworthy for both headline and body copy needs. Monni is sure to help with brand retention. Monni speaks 86 languages, including a Ukrainian character set. Ten styles, from light to black. With nearly 800 total glyphs, Monni’s versatility will make an excellent addition to any professional font collection. Monni is our best seller on Monotype properties like MyFonts – a top 10 font when it was introduced. Check out Monni today.

  • Light, Roman, Medium, Bold, and Black
  • Special characters like the estimated glyph for package design
  • Available exclusively through Monotype properties
  • Nearly 800 glyphs per individual weight
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