Will + Wisdom + Talent = Success

Starting with the right approach is the key to most anything. So it’s not just the doing (the execution phase), it’s the wisdom to strategize creatively and intelligently along with the will to dig deep and discover creative solutions. As the saying goes, it’s the singer not the song – the talent to motivate a target audience through dynamic creative is pretty darn important, too.

Brand Design - Supporting The Identity Ecosystem

Brand + identity work requires vision informed by experience, magic, skill, intelligence, and wisdom. Momentum 18 can ably manage and architect your new brand or rebranding process. The hallmark clean, approachable designs clearly express the desired messages with reassuring confidence. Many of these logo designs have won awards and are found in design inspiration books.

Brand Strategy

Developing astute strategic rationales for brand architecture solutions. Content brand audits along with competitor research and reporting. The deliverable is content and/or a content strategy that speaks to the brand positioning and enables clients to succeed on new levels. Speak your own brand language and win in business.

Graphic Design

Print is dead, long live print. In this digital age, print is still alive and well. Print ads, brochures, marketing collateral, and package design are still a big part of day to day creative and strategic thinking at Momentum 18.

Web Design

A lot of businesses live or die on the web. Just ask the businesses that went under after Google’s algorithm changes. We can take your online presence to the next level with expert web solutions that will engage visitors and increase responses. We now advocate that all websites become responsive if you want to win on the web.


There is truly nothing quite like creating a print ad. Ads are a combination of strategic vision and works of art under the right conditions. Sweating every subtlety of art and text and every carefully crafted word is an invigorating part of the process. Getting client feedback that the ad exceeded expectations is a satisfaction that’s hard to describe.


In addition to custom logotypes, we now offer full bespoke typography font design. Custom type design for magazines, mastheads, ad campaigns, presentations, posters, movie credits, video games - we’re able to handle projects large and small.