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Gross-Sounding and Taboo Words Presented in A Font That Beautifies Them All

Cringe-worthy Words

Can typography make cringey words beautiful and sophisticated?

People are interesting animals. Words, single words, can cause us to have physical reactions. Each of us has a word-trigger. There are words that make us uncomfortable and squirm. There are stomach-churning, eye-twitchy, and eye-rolling words. But what if, through typography, one could beautify them? Would it change one’s reaction? This is a semi-scientific test with a free font.

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Advanced Logo Design Typography: Letter Spacing

18 Famous Logos with Virtually Identical Letter Spacing

A client says “add more space between the characters” or “make the spacing tighter.” How do you define this space? Is there a there a “standard range” of natural spacing between characters? It seemed to my naked eye that many famous logos had a similar range of spacing that made them approachable as brands. I wanted to know if I was right by examining and comparing logos in a unique way.

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