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The Blueprint for Small Business Logo Design Success


A Step by Step Guide for Developing Your Small Business Logo

If you want to know how to achieve the best logo design result – these advanced proven techniques are for you. Did you ever drive with your GPS and it told you to turn even though your gut was telling you – “I think that’s wrong?” Your gut, your intuition and all your experience is telling you to stay straight, but the nav system has such a strong influence that you veer off course. The moral of the story, in the case of logo design, isn’t strictly about trusting your gut – it is to build a better navigation framework in the first place. If you are looking for ‘killer logo design tips,’ it’s better to know what you are doing in the first place with a proven logo design strategy – that’s your million dollar tip.

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Branding 101 – Small and Mid-Size Business Branding Fundamentals

Bridging the Gap Between Your Branding and Your Audience

5 Essentials For Your Company’s Branding

One hears all the time how in business, good branding, creates trust. Why is that and what does it mean for your business? Good branding tells the consumer about your priorities and your purpose. It tells them that you care about your appearance, you have a sense of organization, as well as your unique qualities. When you present yourself with good branding, you will receive in return a metaphorical (or sometimes literal) handshake from your consumer/client—that’s trust. Trust makes it easier to sell your products or services.
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