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Gross-Sounding and Taboo Words Presented in A Font That Beautifies Them All

Cringe-worthy Words

Can typography make cringey words beautiful and sophisticated?

People are interesting animals. Words, single words, can cause us to have physical reactions. Each of us has a word-trigger. There are words that make us uncomfortable and squirm. There are stomach-churning, eye-twitchy, and eye-rolling words. But what if, through typography, one could beautify them? Would it change one’s reaction? This is a semi-scientific test with a free font.

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18 Stunning Luxury Brochure Design Examples for Your Inspiration

Luxury Brochure Design Inspiration

Luxury Living Spaces. Beautiful Layout Design.

Luxury graphic design projects weave together lovely typography, innovative layouts, and custom photography with minimalist leanings. When you have a healthy design budget and your main creative direction is to “make it beautiful,” you’ve got a recipe for design inspiration.

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Stunning Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster Design Inspiration

25 curated minimalist (more or less) poster designs. The best of the recent best.

Minimalist refers to using a small selection of elements to maximize the visual impact. In other words, good design is as little design as possible. Here you’ll find a curated collection of 25 minimalist posters for your design inspiration that adhere to the “less is more” philosophy. Some poster designs are clever, but many more are simply beautifully designed with a minimalist approach to create dynamic memorable layouts.

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