Gross-Sounding and Taboo Words Presented in A Font That Beautifies Them All

Cringe-worthy Words

Can typography make cringey words beautiful and sophisticated?

People are interesting animals. Words, single words, can cause us to have physical reactions. Each of us has a word-trigger. There are words that make us uncomfortable and squirm. There are stomach-churning, eye-twitchy, and eye-rolling words. But what if, through typography, one could beautify them? Would it change one’s reaction? This is a semi-scientific test with a free font.

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Pepsi’s Font Problems – A Messaging Case Study

Pepsi Font Branding

Typography’s Impact on Messaging Strategies.

When Pepsi is the topic, the war with Coke is the inevitable next thought, so let’s get that rivalry out of the mix right now. Whose side am I on? I’m on typography’s side. I’m on strategic messaging’s side. My positive intent is to use Pepsi as a case study–exploring the importance of typography in messaging and brand strategy. Read full neutrality disclaimer at the bottom of this blog post.

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