Do Facebook Ads Work? Yes and No.

facebook advertising tips

Brand Building and Facebook Ads: What the DIYer Needs to Know

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the Facebook ad platform, let’s examine if you should be using Facebook to build your brand in the first place. It’s really common to look up a “do Facebook ads work” article in your favorite search engine and see a split in results. Some people will post that it worked, some people will post that it was a waste of money. That is explained relatively easily.

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Medical Marketing & Branding Strategy


A Detailed Quick-Start for Medical Practices

As a physician you’ve spent years becoming credentialed in your field. Now you’re finding that sustaining and growing your practice requires you to enter into competition with other offices to get new patients and referrals. In order to compete, you realize that you have to learn about marketing and branding your practice. Marketing and branding are “necessary evils.” A sound marketing and branding campaign can help grow your practice, increase patient-retention, and when done right it — even inspire staff.

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